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Do I have a mySRW account?
If you are a Southern Rural Water customer, you are eligible for an account. If you are not a SRW customer then you are not able to access mySRW.

How do I know what mySRW userID and password is?
If you are eligible for mySRW you would have received a letter in the mail – this letter contained your personal mySRW log in information. If you did not receive this letter, or deadline to log in has expired, you can obtain new log in information by either

1. Calling our Customer Service Line on 1300 139 510, or
2. Start an online chat

How can I access mySRW?

To access mySRW, type www.mysrw.com.au into your internet browser. Then enter your log in credentials provided in your welcome letter. If you did not receive this letter and you would like to obtain new log in information, either

1. Call our Customer Service Line on 1300 139 510, or
2. Start an online chat

What device can I use to log into mySRW?

You can log into mySRW using any device with internet connection, this includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. For best functionality we recommend rotating your tablet or smartphone to the side.

What internet browser should I use to access mySRW?
We recommend you use Chrome to access mySRW, but other browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Edge and Safari are compatible.

Why do I have more than one set of login credentials?

You may have received more than one set of login credentials based on the way you manage your business and licence(s). If you would like to consolidate, please contact us to discuss.

How can I see my water entitlements on mySRW?
To see your entitlements, select ‘My Entitlements’ on the top menu.

How can I update my contact details on mySRW?
To amend your contact details, hover cursor over ‘My Account’ on top menu bar and select ‘Contact Details’.

How do I submit a form online on mySRW?
To submit a form online, select ‘Forms and Resources’ and then select which form you'd like to submit from the drop-down options. If you cannot find the form you want to submit, please visit SRW Forms to see full catalogue of forms. Alternatively, call Customer Service on 1300 139 510 or start an online chat.

Can I sign forms online on mySRW?
Yes, you are able to sign your form online using a digital signature.

How can I see my account balance on mySRW?
Select 'My Account' on the top menu, then select 'Account balance' from the drop-down options.

How can I apply for a payment extension on mySRW?
To apply for a payment extension, select ‘My Account’ and then select ‘Bill History’ from the drop-down options. The payment extension button will only be available if your current account is not overdue and doesn’t include a carried over balance. 

The payment extension button will give you an additional 14 calendar days to pay (if you are eligible). If you have already applied for a payment extension on a bill this payment extension button will not be available for another payment extension.

If you require another payment extension you will need to call us to discuss.

How do I read my meter?

1. Go to your outlet and locate the meter
2. Take note of the number, ensuring you read from left to right (including decimal points). Or,        take a photo of the meter read (and try to feature the outlet number in the photo).
3. Upload the reading/photo into the Enter a Meter Read form available on mySRW

Why are My Entitlements and Usage pages blank?

These pages will only show active entitlements and usage, if you do not currently have any active entitlements then there will be no information displayed on these pages.
If you believe you have active entitlements/usage, and there is no information showing on these pages, please call us on 1300 139 510 to investigate or submit a feedback form on mySRW.

What is an ABA?
An ABA is an Allocation Bank Account, this is an overarching account that holds all of your licences (for example your BEE)”.

Why is the 'Applications' page blank?
Any applications you submit via mySRW will show here with a status. If you have not made any applications, then this page will be blank.

I'm having trouble with mySRW, who can I speak to?
If you are having trouble with mySRW either

1. Select ‘Report issue/feedback’, or
2. Call our Customer Service on 1300 139 510, or
3. Start an online chat

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